Welcome to SoulPrint Seminars website. We are dedicated to introducing people to the wonder and mystery of life, to the spiritual and practical / secular world value of Modern Hand Analysis. We do this through several different offerings.

Hand Analysis We provide individual support through hand readings and coaching, introductory group events called ‘SoulPrint Seminars’, and referrals to qualified Hand Analysis Schools and Readers.

Group and Individual Shamanic Events Drum Circles, Sound Healing Events and Shamanic Breathwork to name a few. These are all part of our Transformational Technologies offerings.

Our intention is to support and develop an awareness of Soul as primary. We are Souls having a Human experience! Revelation and expression of our Soulful / Essence Self is critical to achieving a “Life Well Lived” and satisfaction at the deepest level in our material world. Hand Analysis and Shamanic breathwork are the most direct paths to self awareness (and therefore real world success) I have ever encountered.

SoulPrint Seminars Network

This network is comprised of Hand Analysis / Palmistry training schools and Readers / Practitioners, 'SoulPrint Seminars' and the clients seeking a reading or training. This network is formed for the mutual benefit of all parties involved. Marketing seems to be the hardest part for many new and seasoned readers alike. This service is provided to assist those readers and schools who find it challenging to wear the many hats that make a business successful. We 'SoulPrint Seminars' will wear the Marketing and Website hats so you can primarily wear the Reader, Teacher and / or Administrator hats. And or course you can continue to do as much or as little marketing as you wish and use SoulPrint Seminars as a way to augment what you are already doing.

SoulPrint Seminars

Through a variety of focused marketing approaches SoulPrint Seminars will reach a specific and general population to introduce them to modern Hand Analysis and Palmistry with the intention to educate, inspire and to motivate them to take the next step and get a reading or to enroll in a school of their choice. People attracted by the marketing will be directed to www.SoulPrintSeminars.com

Schools & Readers

Schools and Readers / Practitioners can sign up to be a part of the network and receive student and reading referrals for which they will pay a percentage of each reading or student gained through this service. Each School and Reader will have their own personal profile page on the Website: www.SoulPrintsSeminars.Com through which potential clients can reach them. All levels of skill and ability are welcome from new students in training to seasoned professionals at the Master level. How you describe your work and what you charge will be up to you and should be listed on your profile site. Levels, abilities and years of practice for Schools and Readers will be checked out and confirmed to keep the integrity of the site intact. Each School and Practitioner will be Independent Contractors and responsible for their own governmental obligations and relationships. You will not be an employee of SoulPrint Seminars.

Our Team

Todd Zimmerman
Founder, SoulPrint Seminars

Todd is an intuitive, transpersonal, soul oriented shamanic practitioner focusing on integration and self-actualization. His primary tools include Hand Analysis, Transpersonal Coaching and Shamanic Breathwork. He has worked in the area of personal growth and development at a Spiritual Level for over 27 years, facilitating unique transformational programs, workshops and ceremonies affecting the lives of thousands of people.

Richard Unger

Discover your own Life Purpose and Life Lessons as you learn to read the same for family, friends, or anyone. This course is perfect for therapists, healers, counselors, life coaches and anyone who wishes to gain a fresh new paradigm of human consciousness.

Kay Packard
Hand Analyst

She is committed to pass on the secret that opens doors into the deepest parts of a human being. With these profound insights, individuals become empowered by awakening to their own life purpose and live with more clarity and fulfillment.

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